The name R.o.a.M. in essence stands for Revolution Of A Monarch. Although it may appear to be few words thrown together to sound Intellectual, it’s so much more. At R.o.a.M., we strongly believe in creating change and stimulating ideas that were once seen as impossible or irrational but now achievable. That is where the Revolutionary aspect of the brand comes in. We want to stray from the norm, what is considered acceptable, what is considered the future and embrace change. No matter what type of a lifestyle you live; whether it’s professional, some one in the streets, a student, rapper, couch potato, fashion lover or anything under the sun, you still have one thing in common and that is the drive to be the best at whatever it is you do. The urge to do what it takes, to achieve an elevated status, and to surpass your peers in your walk of life is what everyone hopes to do. That is the perspective that we strived to accomplish with Monarch side of the brand. Everyone is royalty in their very own right and my brand exhibits that All in all we want to create a change in fashion and show the brand’s higher being that lives in everyone. This isn’t something that will happen overnight or within a short time span. It’s going to take time and a lot of effort but we’re working on creating a Revolution. For any additional information, please email info@revolutionofamonarch.com