Empire State Of Mind

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September 10, 2009

NY is looking kinda crazy this week, do you need a slight run down? Sure I got you!

1. Jay-Z Blueprint 3 album is dropping on 9/11 as well as his 9/11 Charity concert @ Madison Square Garden, which I will be in attendence. I know the album is gonna be sick but the concert…I can only imagine what Jay has up his sleeve for this special concert.

2. Fashion Week 09, and although it no longer “Summer”, it kinda acts as the last run of summer activities as well as celebrating the accomplishments of those that have been pulling out hairs counting down the days to this wonderful week in September. Long story short a lot of great fashion events from Runway shows to exclusive Galas.

3. MTVs 2009 VMA are being held @ Radio City Music Hall on Sunday 9/13. Which means thats there will be a boat load of parties going on (including those of Fashion Week) from Thursday -Monday morning…Literally. So for all of those that will be in NY during this time make sure you keep in the know as to whats going on , because if you don’t….well that on you lol.

9/10 alone i’ve already gotten a flood of emails about tons of events on each side of the fashion spectrum from BAPE to BCBG.

Only in New York can there  be a week/weekend like this!!!