Music To My Ears…

POSTED IN Blog, Lifes Styles, Music, Posts, Random Thoughts December 3, 2009


I don’t know what it is but there isn’t , in my opinion,anything better than finally sitting down to listen to an album your been expecting for so long. For me, I enjoy being able to compare artistic growth from one body of work to another. I enjoy trying to figure out what aspect in which the artist is speaking on from song to song. Whether personal accounts, preconceived emotions, or purely fictional, the feeling that for the next 2:30 to 10 mins (shout out to all the Joe Budden Fans)you will be told a story about something that inspired them No matter how painful or embarrassing if may be, they still invited you for a ride along with them . For me sometimes I get attached to the ride in the sense that I almost create a image for each and every word as I’m listening to the song. Interesting right?

But whats more so interesting is the number of bodies of work that artist have  be releasing as of late.

The Clipse with they’re 3rd album “Till The Caskets Drops” almost serves as a true open letter to fans, family members, critics, and friends alike about the pain and feelings outside of the  money, fame and the entertainments. Nothing less than whats expected of the self proclaimed “Best Duo Ever”

Rihanna’s Rated R is nothing less than what I expected her next album to be. Growth, maturity, and the ability to rise when people thought she couldn’t .

Lupe Fiasco is  an extremely talanted artist and I thought this was proven in great detail with his first and second albums. “Enemy Of The State ‘A Love Story’ ” is the wake up call for all the people that may doubt his talent. a 20 minute mixtape? It still bugs me out that he found so much in 20 mins with out seeming dull, boring , and repetitive. Not to mention the guy has a hell of a marketing team. His nate tape drops 12/25 Merry Christmas in advance.

And with all this new music and roller coaster of emotions, i have felt a great surge of new energy and creativity. Being that art imitates life, it time to release some of this positive energy. So we got a lot planned for the month of December and hopefully it all materializes. Till then ill blogging with all the new RoaM info! And if your looking for a much more personal side (not to personal) of me hit the Twitter page!