R-E-U-P G-A-N-G!!!!

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October 25, 2009

So on Tuesday I got the chance to see The Clipse perform at Hiro. Wow what  a show! I missed alot of the other performance but I did get to catch Donnis, an ATL based artist set and it was pleasantly surprised. He did a great job and it seemed that he had a great following in NY. He also brought out another artist during this set Pill, another ATL based artist with a crazy track “Trap Going Ham”…Wow…it had Hiro rocking. Which led to the main event…The Clipse….I’ve been listening to them since the Smash “Grindin”  and been following ever since. From “Kinda Like A Big Deal” to “Wamp Wamp”  to their feature on Birdman’s “What Happened To That Boy”, I really didnt expect that so that put the night over the top. The Clipse especially Pusha T have a very passionate performance and just showed that every artist has a great connection to their work. Def well worth it!!!

“The best duo ever/ I hang man these words together, Pouring passion into every letter…”