R.I.P. Michael “The King Of Pop” Jackson

POSTED IN Blog, Music, Posts June 29, 2009

I do apologies for my inadequite timing, but this was the only time I felt I had the right mental space to sit down and write about the untimely death of Michael Jackson.  I grew up on MJ and he’s just been like my idol since I could remember along with Hulk Hogan…I was 3 lol!!! But he always gave me that feeling of just timeless music and a different type of rag to riches story. A young shy kid from Gary, Indiana with a strict father…(smh that man is heartless), a loving mother and a large and often dysfunctional family. All those factors lead to MJ striving to be the person he could be giving the conditions he had giving to him. Everything he did in my eyes just seemed so unreal because it seemed as if it could not be done but once Mike did it, it was like “Only Michael could have pulled that off!!!!” Whether it was through dance, music, or just him as a human being it made us feel that we can thrive to become or accomplish anything we decide to. No matter how impossible we felt it was… MJ leaned to a 45 degree angle!!!

I could go on and on  and on about MJ but I’ll just say this, if Michael Jackson isn’t the most successful icon of our time and the most influential and the most artistic who is? If you disagree then that is your opinion but just think about this…Michael took the chance and had the guts to cause a REVOLUTION and by him doing this he ultimately became a MONARCH…How many other icons have the ability to say they did that by age 50 and created some of his most successful records in a 10 year span? No Many…




We Love You Mike!!!