The Real Work Begins…

POSTED IN Blog, Lifes Styles, Posts, RoaM October 26, 2009

So as you all may know, the Fall 09 Collection “Welcome To RoaM” will be finally making it way to the RoaMan Colliseum later on this week. We are extremely excited to finally unveil our first full collection stocked full of Tees, Sweatshirts and the thus far fan favorate “The Warriors” Hoodie.  I know the little teaser pictures are cool but people want to see the real deal and they want to see it fast!! So with this in mind we are also going to ensure that we have the right scenery for the look book to give you a feel of stepping foot in RoaM. Kind of deep and complex when you think about it, but it gives people a chance to see just what we want to show with our clothing. 

I’ve also be offered to do a few fashion shows in NOV.  I really want to and I hope  my schedule permits it  because NOV is going to be an extremely busy Month! To many things in the Works to go into great detail just know Its def going set 2010 of CORRECTLY!!!

Stay Tuned…And the Way im feeling…I may posted another entry later on today!!! lol