To Dream or Not To Dream…

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“Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams
I use it as my gas, so they say that I’m gassed
But without it I’d be last, so I ought to laugh…”

- Kanye West “Last Call”

I’ve been MIA from Blogging and if you feel that you can do a better job at blogging, feel free to email head, Try it lol).  Any who, I posted that except from Kanye West’s “Last Call” because I can completely relate to that emotion. Everyone has dreams, some since they were infants and other later on in life. Some dream of climbing to the top of an active volcano and others a ’66 Pontiac GTO. So everyone dreams or has dreams but to dream and to pursue your dream are two totally different things.

The idea of dreams can be  a difficult situation to think about , mostly because this is YOUR dream.  And going from an idea to taking action makes it so much more intense. Aside from building up the courage to actually pursue it, there also feed back from any and everyone with an opinion. That alone can deter some from even speaking about that idea that they have or that object they would like to obtain because of rejection.  Once you passed all of that next up is–criticism. Depending on how tough your skin is will depend on how deep these words cut.  There will be people who are being 100% honest not to be harmful but because they want your dream to progress correctly. Others, well are non-believers. Not because they choose to be but more so because they don’t understand the passion and feeling of obtaining this dream means to you. If a painter has a blank canvas and he/she knows what will go there, should he/she expect someone to understand what he envisions  the final product to turns out without an image? I would say yes, but I’ve learned to understand they wont. Its extremely difficult to believe that someone would have enough heart, drive, passion, dedication, and guts to say climb to the top of Mt Everest.Which makes people, especially if you are close to them, large skeptics. They know you and would rather see you live then to lose your mind or give up midway through it because it isn’t working.  Some peoples dreams can consume their lives in a negative manner while other can help them to create some sort of structure within oneself. But again until that dream is met it really is no one decision but yours. You know what you will do to achieve this goal sometimes to takes longer for some people to see that in your dreams.

I know that it is extremely tough because I’m still pursuing my dreams and sometimes the reactions are shattering. There are some people that see things from a very plain and safe view on things.That is fine but, I take everything they say with caution because I know how sensitive of a topic my dreams, and at times and it can be difficult for me to hear people say “be logical”. Because what dreams are logical? The whole purpose of dreams is the idea of your inner soul, spirit, whatever you would call it being able to act out its inter most interests and desires. Its been a very trying road, and I’ve barely scratch the surface.  And what I’ve come to realize is that it will only get tougher and support can only do but so much. My actions are going to have to serve as my paint strokes on my canvas until I can debut  what may be my greatest achievement thus far or just the beginning of creating new  dreams and making them one by one a reality.

Since I started this post with a quote ill end it with one.

“I ain’t play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards
I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars…”

- Kanye West “Last Call”

The ability to make a change in whatever it is start with you.