What is Streetwear?

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April 20, 2009

So a couple of days ago I got in to a pretty interesting conversation with a Roamano about the difference between street wear and its brothers and sisters as far as high end fashion. High end fashion affects street wear either becauuse those that are in the street wear game chooses not to embody the styles and lanes that they built. While otther companies attributes it brands style to those successful high end companies by putting thier own personal spin on the high end brands designs or style of designing completely. Now I feel that street wear is the artistic expression of everything that the 9 – 5 corporate lifestyle doesn’t represent. To me personally, it is spawned from the 80′s babies, the kids that grew up in era of hard core drugs with single parent homes, poor leaving conditions, and corruption within the government whether local or federal. These things lead to the birth of the hungry, creativity, original thoughts and anything that you can think of that makes this era or ‘self made’ movement that allow for the creation of the life style. It is so heavily embraced by our generation and the new generation that is slowly coming into their own that soon enough the norm of fashion will be forced to include or except the “street-wear” industry if it has not already. Street wear is what hip hop was in when everyones parents, teachers, government officials, certain celebrities and any form of authority claimed to be something that would not last but to their sad surprise….has and has been doin well. Without rambling on that’s my politically correct view of what street wear is. One day ill get into my view and ideas of fashion aside from what my companies represent but for now let this float around respond to my thoughts and opinions.