Are You Not Entertained?

POSTED IN Lifes Styles, RoaM July 28, 2009

Ok, so I’ve taken a “sudden” leave of absence,and yea I said I’d blog more…..I am human sue me!( not for real but you get the point) Sometimes you have to step back in order to see the bigger picture and I was watching a 60 inch Sony 1080p one foot away in 540p. Not a good look at all. So I decided to turn to what i know best whenever I’m in a state of  extreme emotion; Happy, Sad, Mad, Excited, Depressed and any other emotion a human can encounter.  Entertainment. I even went to Borders along with Aye Bee and got a few books and it felt good. Music which always allows for  one to express the emotion of the song as passionately as the artist that created it. I get to see things from their own personal point of view and allow for a comparison to anything in my life that may correlate with what is being described. TV which  I’m starting to drift away from (more stupidity than substance) and only have the mental capacity for a few shows and Mark Wahlberg’s “Entourage” is most def one of these shows. So Ari is basically giving Turtle shit for wanting to start his own business with out “paying his dues”. “Do you know what it takes to make something of yourself? ..Huh?? I worked a job through college & grad school…In ths life no one is gonna invest in ‘I think I can’..” – Ari Gold

If that quote didn’t show me the bigger picture in more ways than one, then I don’t know what would or will. It made me think back to when I had two jobs and made me feel as if I’ve  become complacent with the pace in which my life is moving and I HATE BEING COMPLACENT! So I will put forth a BIGGER effort to blog more and put in 1000x more blood, sweat and tears to ensure this becomes the lifestyle that related to people everywhere because it our mission to create a REVOLUTION. 

RoaM own Aye Roaman