Weekend Update

POSTED IN Events, Fashion, Lifes Styles, Posts, RoaM October 19, 2009

Aye Whats good Yall? Back to the work week but not with out a recap of the weekend prior!

Friday: We planned on doin a few different things mostly btw the Heineken Event @ Gotham Hall and The DEE and RICKY Bday Party in Downtown BK. Being the The Heineken Event was a Concert involving Ludacris, Estelle, and Wale getting there any time later than uhhh 6:30 chances are you where not getting in. We got there @ 9:50. LOL so we decided to do some Bar Hopping and def made the best of what would have been a shattered night.

Saturday: I was invited to a Open house for a Very interesting apartment building in Brooklyn to do a quick Pop-Up Shop. Along side Upscene Society, Brooklyn Robot, Deadstock Ric we brought a very fresh flavor of Street wear to a totally different group of people. The responses were amazing very positive, uplifting, and motivational. We were able to show others in a rather unique setting what it is we stand for and believe it. I definately  left there feeling very blessed and glad to be pursuing my dream!

Sunday: Relax, Sleep, Eat, Repeat!!!!

Ill upload the pix of the Open house hopefully tonight…..Def feel a Cold comin….UGHHHH