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July 8, 2009

*****UPDATE*****  My first fashion show has been moved back to Aug. 6th from its orginal date of July 23. Which in all reality actually makes my life easier. Mainly because I want to give people that know abosloutely nothing about the brand a glimpse into the sense of style that we are aiming for. It also allows me to just use this time to prepare to the best I can for the Fall release as well as some other ideas I would like to put into motion.

( Another reason why it great is because Yello Tee get back from her Vacay. Which means she get to attend and get some pictures for her Magazine!!!!)
Earlier I spoke to my good friend and CEO of SwankReport,  Yellow Tee about what we tend to do on each end of our business ventures.  While I refuse to get into detail as to what business we have in the works we do have a few of the same thought on many things.

1) We both feel like we are sleeping our lifes away(  I’m still lookig for that remedy guys!!! lol)

2) We feel that we would get more work done if ourliving quartera didnt double as our offices

3) We have a HUGE Aug/Sept planned  we promise to let you guys and gals down!!!

Although there still is an great list of things to do, we still get excited at all that we want to acheive and all the is in store.


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